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Kennedy-Western University
30301 Agoura Road Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone : (818) 707-4300
Kennedy-Western University Information
Kennedy-Western University was established in 1984, it offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. With its convenient and flexible method, university becomes a leader in distance education. Faculty at Kennedy-Western University provides guidelines to the students, which is equal to traditional, in-class format. Today Kennedy-Western's faculty includes degrees from BYU, Harvard, Stanford, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, UCLA, Temple, USC, Berkeley and Auburn.

Kennedy-Western University offers education in 20 different areas including business administration, engineering, computer science, e-business, finance, quality control, management information systems, management and leadership, human resources management, and health administration. Kennedy-Western's online academic model continues to be experienced as technological advancements proliferate and online services stays beyond compare. Apart from its commitment to assisting students in accessing new e-learning opportunities, Kennedy-Western University has tie-up with Dell™ Inc. to provide students with reduced pricing in computing products Hewlett Packard, GTE Service Corp., Whirlpool Corporation, 3M and other companies support university through reimburse of employees' tuition fees and financial support.

Kennedy-Western University understands that you need a degree to advance your career. The result is an online Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree in as little as 12 to 18 months - without attending class!

Kennedy-Western's Mission:

Kennedy-Western University has allowed busy professionals a convenient and flexible method for earning Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees and Doctorate degrees through online education. By utilizing the power of the Internet, Kennedy-Western has refined the academic process and opened up countless opportunities to adult learners.

Latest Online Programs:

* PhD in Education - Doctor of Education
* Bachelor of Business Administration
* PhD in Psychology
* Masters in Healthcare Administration
* MBA Programs Business Administration
* Masters in Human Resources
* Bachelor in Engineering
* Bachelor in Criminal Justice
* Masters in Information Technology
* Bachelor in Information Technology
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"Kennedy-Western University offers self-paced, guided independent-study degree programs designed specifically for the mid-career professional. This Extra ordinary and unique, self-paced distance-learning format enables students to earn their degree on their own time."
"Kennedy-Western University, there are no formal classes to attend and also online education. Kennedy-Western University has been offering virtually all of the benefits of a traditional university-with none of the constraints."
"Kennedy-Western University offers the mid-career professional an opportunity to select a degree program within Business Administration that contains a targeted focus specific to a particular area of concentration. This is relative to a specialized area of interest for the student whose career has a specific offshoot from the main Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree program, I am very enjoying and helpful that."
"With online access and a desktop or portable computer, the student can communicate with Kennedy-Western University 24 hours a day. For working professionals, learning over the Internet now means that critical work schedules don't have to keep them from their educational goals. Kennedy-Western University clearly understands that occupying a seat in a physical classroom for a specific period of time is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule. "
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